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Upgrading from Version 3
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If you are currently running NaturalTherapist/Pro Version 3 and install Version 4, you will need to purchase a new license key to upgrade to Version 4 (see below).
By default Version 4 will be installed in a different folder than Version 3.
We recommend you install version 4, restore your Version 3 data into Version 4 using the instructions in the Users Guide titled "Upgrading from Version 3 to Version 4" and become familiar with it before cutting your practice over to the new system.
When you are ready to cut over you can restore a current copy of your Version 3 data into Version 4.
If this is the first time you have installed Therapist/Pro 4.1, it is important that you read the section starting on page 26 of the Users Guide titled "Initial Setup" before attempting to use the product.
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